Posted by: Jeremy Karnowski | May 7, 2010

Graduate School

I’m heading to graduate school in the fall. I’m now permanently located at

Posted by: Jeremy Karnowski | January 5, 2009


So, sorry I have fallen short of providing the most current news on all of my travels in Tanzania and post Close of Service travel. After Morogoro, I ended up finishing my Peace Corps service, traveling around Tanzania for three weeks with my friend Joel, and then visiting Ethiopia (with Dan and Sarah) and Egypt (with Sarah). Everything was incredible, and expect photos in the near future. I’m talking tons of photos and videos, from my whole service as well.

But I’m writing to say that I have moved my blog. Since I am currently no longer in Africa, it doesn’t seem fitting that I should still be using this blog, and thus I have moved to a new blog. I hope that your time reading this has been as great as my time writing it. I do hope that you will continue to follow my exploits. Take care!

Posted by: Jeremy Karnowski | October 23, 2008

More later when I am online again, but basically my time at site is over. I’ll be going to Morogoro soon for PCV of the Week, helping out with the new volunteers, and then head to Dar for COS. Then I get to hang around TZ for awhile. While you wait for a more substantial post, here is a picture link:

Posted by: Jeremy Karnowski | September 22, 2008

3 weeks to go… sorta

So, after my┬álast post, I guess I could say that not much has happened, but that’s become my cliche, eh? I’m in Africa, and that’s crazy enough, so stuff happens. I went to my COS conference, where we spent alot of time just mixing together and having a great time, but also finishing paperwork for Peace Corps, like our Description of Service as well as resumes and what not. The tourist lodge we stayed at was pretty nice, except for the lack of unlimited┬áhot showers (hey, if i get put into a tourist lodge, I want my tourist stuff). The food was fantastic as well, culminating in the last night with a huge ‘nyama choma’, which is basically just a word for bbq. I stuffed my plate with like meat from 3 different animals. Vegetarians beware. The other crowning moment of the conference was our ‘Prom-yagi’, named after the classic gin-tasting alcohol Konyagi. Plenty of people got stuff made or constructed outfits out of things in town, and we dressed up for a dance party. My choice was a shirtless white suit. It complemented my peace corps date of the night, who was dressed up as a sort of middle eastern lady. Needless to say, we were Prom King and Queen, and had our celebratory dance. Read More…

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